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White Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch With Anti-Powder Zipper For Mushroom Powder

Case Study:
Real Mushrooms - Embracing Plastic Reduced Packaging for Mushroom Powder

Real Mushrooms, a Canada-based healthcare brand, is driven by the desire to deliver the best possible functional mushrooms extracts in their purest form, without any carriers or grain fillers. They strive to make sure our products are analyzed for the important medicinal compounds like beta-glucans and are consistent with the existing body of mushroom research.

sustainable packaging
resealable and powder proof zipper that is good for powder

The customer was looking for a white matte compostable stand up pouch for mushroom extracts products. Their regular packaging is generic stand up pouch with 2 sides plastic label for all 6 sku products. At first, we suggested customers cancel all label packaging and switch packaging to our featured compostable pouch. After analyzing their needs further discussion, we suggested it's not quite the time yet to go fully compostable. Customer would like to keep mushroom CMYK image on the bags. And they requested an innovative zipper that is resealable and powder proof.

Packaging Style: white kraft paper stand up pouch
Sustainable Features: *plastic reduced
Accessory: *anti-powder zipper
Material: paper metalized laminate
Design Features: great lines sketch of mushrooms as background, high resolution of mushroom image, natural look and stylish design.
Original Packaging:

BPS Upgraded Packaging:


“They're really good! We like them a lot. We are happy with the zippers. That's great that they can come pre-opened.”
- Adam Chilton
CEO of Real Mushrooms

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