1st Compostable Child Resistant Pouch with Matte Finish

Pouch Style: Child Resistant Pouch / Compostable Pouch
Material: Plant-based biofilm
Accessories: Child Resistant Zipper
Printing: up to 10 colors with matte / glossy finish / kraft paper
MOQ: 10000 PCS
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Consumers first see the packaging when they experience a product, so it's essential for sharing a sustainability message.
Selecting sustainable materials for cannabis packaging demonstrates an awareness of environmental concerns.
Most importantly, building eco-friendly efforts into the brand story expresses a genuine commitment to the environment.

World-leading brands are using this slogan of compostable material to attract environment-friendly people towards their brands.

What about you?

BPS Compostable Child Resistant Packaging can bring a lot for your cannabis business as well as be a great savior for the environment. 

  • The biodegradable material is easily decomposed into the environment and does not last longer like plastic and other synthetic material. 
  • The Eco-friendly slogans catch the eyes of those people who love to protect the environment and are more interested in Eco-friendly Packaging.
  • You are choosing a particular type of audience for your brand, which makes you different than your competitors. And provide you a chance to increase the number of more buyers.
Are you getting truly Eco-friendly Child Resistant cannabis packaging?

Here is the BEST/SAFEST/GREENEST CR packaging solution for cannabis products: 


  • Toxic or chemical products (laundry detergent, chemicals, etc)
  • Cannabis
  • Snacks (cookies, candies, etc)
  • Edibles
  • Various other applications


STYLE Child Resistant Pouch / Child Proof Pouch
SAFETY STANDARDS ·Certified Child Resistant in accordance with 16 CFR 1700.20
·Food-safe, FDA approved
·3-side-seal Flat Pouch
MATERIAL  · Plant-based biofilm
·According to the target use, target market and customers’ inclinations and needs, BPS is capable of designing material structures that best suit your demand.
SIZE To be fully customized
If you don’t know the size, let BPS help you.
ACCESSORY ·Child Resistant Zipper (*BPS patented)
·Rounded corners
·Hang holes
PRINTING Rotogravure printing up to 10 colors using food-grade inks in compliance with international industry requirements.
*Mix up your designs with a variety of features including matte, spot gloss and metallic finishes.


BPS provides fully customizes packaging solutions that best suit your packaging needs.
A glimpse of customized cases for your reference.




BPS has over 10 years’ experience in serving international customers with our trouble-free product quality and customer service.

At BPS, we are proud to offer a wide range of packaging capabilities:

  • Common Production Capabilities: Stand Up Pouch / Flat Bottom Pouch / Side Gusset Pouch / Flat Pouch / Spout Pouch / Laminated Film Rolls.
  • Featured Production Capabilities: Biodegradable & Compostable Pouch / Child Resistant Pouch / Recyclable Pouch / Kraft Paper Pouch / Rice Paper Pouch.
  • Specialized Applications: Coffee Packaging Bags, Organic Food Pouches, Pet Food Pouches, Snack Food Pouches, and many other industries.
  • Printing Features: Gravure Printing / Matte Finish with Spot Glossy Print / Eco-friendly Direct Printing on Paper / Digital Printing / Silk Printing / Gold Stamping.
  • Accessory Options: Zipper / Pull Zipper / Tin Tie / Spout / Degassing Valve.
  • Additional Services: Labelling / Valve Application / Tin Tie Application. 

Why BPS?

10+ Years' Dedication to Packaging | Consistency to Quality

  • NO MOQ, MAX FLEXIBILITY - 1000+ customized projects in 10+ years, rotogravure & digital printing
  • STOCK INVENTORY - 200+ SKUs stock pouches, ready for delivery within the fastest timeframe
  • R&D INNOVATION - Continous dedication in developing new products to help you lead the market
  • COMMITMENT TO SAFETY - Certified raw materials and facilities to meet all types of food packaging demand
  • CONSISTENCY IN QUALITY - Quality assurance from process to products
  • 0 TROUBLE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - By working with our service-oriented team, you always feel a sense of security

Let BPS help you work out the Best Package Solutions!



Q: How can I get a quickest quotation from you if I would like to go for a customized job?

A: To get a precise quotation from us, please try your best to provide as much details as possible. We need information including Pouch Style/Size/Material/Thickness/Printing colors/Quantity/Special Requirements.

If you have no idea about materials, just let us know what’s the target use of the bags and we will recommend you the best material structure!

If you have no idea about printing colors, just send your graphic designs over and we will analyze for you!


Q: What are the normal MOQ required for custom projects?

A: There’s no MOQ of our customized pouches. At BPS, we offer flexible solutions to meet all sizes of orders.


Q: What type of printing technology is used for custom printed bags? And what is the maximum number of colors can you print?

A: We apply rotogravure printing and digital printing to meet different needs. And we can print up to 10 colors including CMYK colors, spot colors and matte ink.


Q: How long will it take to get the order completed?

A: Generally it takes 7 working days for stock pouches and 14 working days for customized pouches.

Q: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, our factory is located in Shanghai, China. Welcome to visit us!


Q: Can I get some samples?

A: Sure. In fact, we strongly recommend that the customers try our bags before order. We offer free samples with freight collect.


Q: Do you sell to distributors?

A: We are continuously doing business with distributors throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc.