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Together Health - Embracing High Barrier Compostable Packaging for Diverse Supplement Products
Case Study:
Together Health - Embracing High Barrier Compostable Packaging for Diverse Supplement Products


Together Health, a prominent UK-based supplement brand known for its commitment to sustainability, sought to revolutionize its packaging strategy to align with its eco-conscious ethos. Understanding the environmental impact of traditional packaging, the company aimed to transition to compostable pouches for its supplements.
Required high barrier compostable kraft paper pouch for over 20 different product variations, each with varying quantities.
Sustainable Packaging: Together Health aimed to transition to compostable kraft paper packaging but required the barrier performance should be suitable for their supplement products.
Printing Challenges: With over 20 different packaging variations, traditional printing methods such as gravure were not feasible due to the diversity and varying quantities of each design.
Color Precision: Ensuring the accurate replication of the brown kraft paper background posed a significant challenge in achieving precise color reproduction.
Multi-layered Compostable Material Structure: Customized multi-layered compostable structures were designed, incorporating biofilm sourced from reputable brands to enhance the packaging's barrier performance.
Flexibility of Digital Printing: Digital printing offered the flexibility required to accommodate the extensive range of designs and variable quantities efficiently.
Color Testing and Calibration: Extensive rounds of color testing and calibration were conducted to achieve the precise brown kraft paper background desired by the client. Iterative testing allowed for adjustments until the accurate color replication was achieved.

Original Packaging

BPS Upgraded Packaging:


The fusion of sustainable packaging, customized digital printing, and advanced multi-layered material design proved successful for Together Health's diverse packaging needs. This case study demonstrates how integrating sustainability goals, advanced material structures, and tailored digital printing not only addressed complex packaging reuirements but also significantly enhanced barrier performance, meeting the specific demands within the supplement industry.

I want you to  know that overall we are really impressed with your efficiency, help, and dedication to getting our orders right...and this is all done in a second language which cant be easy! On the whole, we are also very impressed with the pouches that you have produced and the way you worked with us to find a good solution for an eco friendy pouch that ticked all our requirements. 

We are listing with some very important retail stores this year and we will be competing with the market-leading products so we're just trying to work with you to get the best possible packaging quality and consistency....and also to make sure we say in stock! :)

Kind regards,
Lee Robertshaw
Founder of Together Health

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